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Our Core Values

American Promise Schools has established five core values to serve as guideposts for the work we do day in and day out on behalf of our students.

  1. Accept no excuses for a child's failure based on a child's socio-economic status, home life, neighborhood, or any other reason. If one strategy for learning doesn't work, we try another. If initial attempts to inspire a child fall short, we devise a different one. We work hard. We are relentless.
  2. Make no compromise on the expectations we have for our students, the quality of education we provide, and our understanding of what we each must do if our organization and schools are to meet our responsibilities to our students, teachers, and families. It is hard to avoid the temptation to lower our requirements when students struggle, teachers get discouraged, and our initial results fall short. However, our mission demands that we power through our doubts and discomforts and live by our standards.
  3. Be truthful to our students, teachers, each other and, most importantly, to ourselves. It is often easier to tell a student he understands when he doesn't, a teacher she is effective when she isn't, and ourselves that we are succeeding when we aren't. But dishonesty, even when motivated by the humane desire to avoid hurt feelings, undermines our goals for our children. The truth can be told diplomatically, but it must be told. At American Promise Schools we push through the understandable personal hurt that sometimes accompanies honest criticism to respond as professionals.
  4. Be respectful even to those who may not be respectful to us. Everyone we work with deserves the dignity and sympathetic hearing that we all demand for ourselves. If we want this treatment in return, we must model it incessantly ourselves. It is essential to clothe this respect with the smiles and courtesy that let others know it is there.
  5. Participate as a positive family member within our school communities. This means having each other's back, but not talking behind our backs. We listen to each other, and enjoy each other's successes. We collaborate as the most powerful way to find the right paths for our kids and to make change happen. Together we also manage our school schedule to protect the time we need to support our own families and be with the ones we love.