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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: make urban schools great. By great schools, we mean schools that place all students – no matter their socio-economic status, neighborhood, or home life – on the path to college and other post-secondary studies and give students a real shot at the American Dream.

About APS

American Promise Schools (APS) was established in February 2013 as a non-profit charter management organization in Detroit.

What is the American Promise?

The American Promise has been at the heart of our national social contract since the founding of the Republic – the commitment to create a community with the opportunities that permit every individual to rise as far as his or her talents and hard work will take them regardless of the station in life into which that individual is born. In the 21st Century, the American Promise requires access to a quality education to be real.

American Promise Schools

American Promise Schools was founded to redeem this Promise for urban children in Detroit and across Michigan.

Established by three veterans of the education reform movement, American Promise Schools is a non-profit school management group focused on transforming struggling urban schools into high performing schools, and helping good schools become great.